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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Robin from "The Rebels of Cordovia" by Linda Weaver Clarke

Hi everyone, sorry for being sparse with posts last month, I’ve been a sicko but am finally feeling well again! I’m happy to share with you about a fun book that came out last year, The Rebels of Cordovia! If you like the story of Robin Hood, then this one will be right up your alley.

Our heroine this time is Robin Marie, a young woman fighting for the rights of her people in a depressed country ruled by a wrongful king.  A familiar plot for a Robin Hood inspired tale, but one that always carries a good message.  Hardworking Robin was trained in the art of sword fighting and archery by her father.  She became a rebel leader in hopes of installing the new government planned for by the rightful former King.  Encouraged by her father who instilled a sense of responsibility in her, she fights her battles with strategy and skill, keeping her true identity hidden by dressing like a boy.

As Robin’s reputation grows, another rebel leader, Daniel, approaches her and proposes to join forces.  This was my favorite part of the story, the beginning of romance between Robin & Daniel with Robin’s hidden identity in the mix.  I liked that while Robin’s intelligence was often highlighted, Daniel was portrayed as perceptive, strong, and humble.  He wasn’t fooled by Robin’s disguise for long.

Robin & Daniel are what make the story fun and special.  A lot of emphasis is made on the responsibility of young people to care about the people in their community and fight for a fair government.  (This theme reminds me of a children’s book I just worked on.  It was fun to read a similar message in a completely different kind of story.)  The story is fun for adults, but I think kids & teens will have even more fun with it.  It’s appropriate for any age.  In many ways it read like a storybook.  My only critique would be that sometimes the descriptions were more about telling than showing, but with the style as such it was fitting.  It would probably be a great one to read out loud.

I hope you enjoy reading this tale if you get the chance!  I loved getting to draw the characters!


You can Checkout Linda’s Blog here:

I was provided an e-copy for this review.


  1. What a great review! Thanks, Monica. Your artistry is beautiful. I love it.

    1. Thank you Linda! It was a pleasure to read your book!

  2. Darling pictures as always. I especially love the sketches at the bottom.

    I love Robin Hood. I may have to give this book a whirl. :D