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Monday, August 25, 2014

Storm Siren Blog Tour & Giveaway!

I'm very excited to be participating in my first blog tour, and present to you this great new read!  (My apologies for those of you following the blog schedule for posting late having it up for the 26th instead of 25th.  I had some technical difficulties.)

Storm Siren is the first in a fantasy trilogy written in the first person narrative of our heroine, Nymia.  I can't remember reading a story in this genre being written in first person before, and it's usually not my favorite style, but for Nym's story it was perfect.  I was completely drawn in to her world by experiencing it through her eyes.  She really had an attitude in the beginning and feelings that could have been hard to relate to so getting into her head through the narrative helped me understand her.

Nym was born into a world at war, where orphans become slaves and people with powers, called Elementals, are feared.  Elementals are said to only be male, yet Nym is one.  With white hair, blue eyes and the power to summon a lightning storm, she is one dangerous girl.  When she becomes a slave to Adora, a powerful woman with influence in the war, Nym is ordered to train with another Elemental, Colin under Eogan to become the tools that will turn the tide of events in their country’s favor.  Colin has powers over earth, and Eogan has a unique ability to bring calm to both Nym’s internal and external storm.
Her owner, Adorda is eccentric and throws lavish costume parties.  I was amused how Nym thought of her as the Frog Lady through most of the book.  She’s an interesting character, but not likable in the least.

When I think about Nym's story what struck me the most was her struggle with sin & guilt.  She had so much guilt over taking lives through her uncontrollable powers.  She had a desire to change, to control her powers and not hurt anyone, but she didn't know how.  She never meant to hurt anyone, yet she did.  I think it hit a cord with me because I feel that the sin in our lives can be that way.  If there's something we struggle with, and have trouble with repeatedly, it's often hard to know how to stop even when we want to.  It was a wonderful journey following Nym as she learned control over her powers and triumphed over her guilt.

I absolutely loved the story.  It was a fast, exciting, emotional read.  It’s a definite must for young adults & teens who are into fantasy.  I can’t wait until the next book is out!


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