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I love reading novels, and as an artist I know a great exercise to stretch one's illustration skills is to portray characters from a description in a book. This blog is a challenge to myself to do just that so I'll be posting illustrations from whatever book I'm currently reading. Feel free to add comments and send me your fan art for these great titles too!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Greetings Readers~!

I've had to put my efforts for this space on hold after an incredibly busy summer/fall and now spring!  I started teaching online classes part time and have been so busy with freelance work, unfortunately I've neglected this space.  I kept telling myself I would post again soon, but it never happened and here it's already almost been a year!  This blog has never stopped being on my mind and there are lots of wonderful characters and stories I wish to share with you.  I will be posting on books again, but today, I want to share this illustration I did while contemplating Easter.

It's my favorite holiday and I found myself reading up on the origin of the Easter Bunny.  I found two very good online articles.  One that covers multiple theories on the origin of the Easter Bunny and his meaning.   http://www.rawstory.com/2016/03/the-very-strange-history-of-the-easter-bunny/

And, one that discusses the Easter Bunny and Easter traditions from a Christian perspective.

I liked this article, because it addresses how Christians might handle some of the evidence that points towards its origin as a pagan celebration.
"When it comes to cultural issues like this, we as Christians should view them through a simple rubric: reject, receive, or redeem? In this case, the early missionaries to the British Isles sought to redeem Easter rather than reject it or simply receive it." -Mark Driscoll
As a Christian, I celebrate Easter as the death and resurrection of Christ, yet including the Easter Bunny has always been a part of my family’s celebrations.  My father was German, so perhaps it was in part from his heritage, but we never had an issue reconciling our celebration of Jesus with this mythical rabbit.  It was all about having fun, celebrating the joy we have in Christ for our salvation.  To me, bunnies, Easter eggs, pretty dresses, flowers, and all the wonderful happy colors of spring represent the joy of this new life we’re given if we accept Christ’s gift.  Enjoy your Easter!

God bless!