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I love reading novels, and as an artist I know a great exercise to stretch one's illustration skills is to portray characters from a description in a book. This blog is a challenge to myself to do just that so I'll be posting illustrations from whatever book I'm currently reading. Feel free to add comments and send me your fan art for these great titles too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rachael from "Redneck Debutante" & "Cowgirl Down" by Jenny Hammerle

I recently read the first two books of Jenny Hammerle’s Redneck Debutant series as it was the ACFW Bookclub pick for last month.  It had been a while for me since reading any books geared towards teens, and in a high school setting no less.  Once I got over feeling old, reading about characters half my age, I really enjoyed the series and was really into it by the end of book 2!

The stories follow Racheal, a young girl from an affluent family who has to make a major lifestyle change when her father falls into legal trouble.  Along with her mother and brother, she moves to her aunt’s farm in a much more rural part of Florida than she’s ever known.

Rachael has a great personality and she seems pretty mature for her age.  I know I didn’t have half her confidence at her age!  She makes mistakes and gets into trouble a few times, but she’s such a sweet girl you can’t help but adore her.  My favorite thing about her is how she embraces her new surroundings finding new hobbies that she enjoys and making new friends.  I love the scene in the first book when she meets Travis, a neighbor boy close to her age.  Shortly after her arrival she decides to explore and happens upon an all too inviting body of water.  Take a dip?  Sure!  In her underwear… why not?  Enter Travis!

I loved the humor, romance & drama of the story.  It was fun to read as an adult and I can only imagine that it might be even more fun for teens who can relate to the current high school scene.  If you’ve a mind to check it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Visit Jenny's website at:  http://jennyhammerle.com/



  1. This is so cool! Well done, and a great review, too. Thanks for sharing your kind words and extraordinary talent!

  2. Love, love, love the illustration for Redneck Debutante's Rachael! I can just hear her saying Hey Travis!
    Also, a great review...you captured the spirit of the character, Rachael, and the essence of the storyline perfectly.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Monica! Rachael's spunky personality comes through perfectly!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I look forward to reading more about her in the future ;)

  4. Oh, darling as always. Lots of personality. Well done. :D