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Monday, January 12, 2015

Amelia from Truth Be Told by Carol Cox

Happy New Year Readers!  I hope your year is off to a good start, but if it’s not, know that tomorrow is a new day!  Any day can be a fresh start.  

In my last post I updated you on some of the things that have kept me away from this blog, but rest assured I haven’t given up on it.  One of my goals this year is to post more consistently & frequently, I can’t promise that I will, but I’m hopeful, today is my fresh start!  I’ve read a lot of great books recently that I’m very excited to share with you!

So, let’s start with a great pick from last summer- Carol Cox’s Truth Be Told!

I love stories that have a bit of mystery, and Carol did a good job of balancing quiet moments with portions of intrigue and drama in this historical novel set in 1893.  Truth Be Told is a fitting title, taking us on a journey of truth, lies, and heartache as Amelia Wagner takes over the local newspaper, and strives to carry on her beloved father’s business of sharing the truth at all costs
Upon his death, Amelia starts looking into her father’s unfinished business, which includes investigating the Great Western company, the fastest growing and most tenacious business in the area.  When she refuses their offers to purchase the paper, and to print a retraction on her father’s last article that portrayed the company in a questionable light, things start to get complicated.  With the help of Benjamin Stone, a new employee of the company, she continues her father’s quest for the truth. 

As the story continues, Amelia pursues the truth without fail, and takes more and more extreme risks.  I love that she’s a headstrong character, and that being so strong willed is both an asset and liability to her.  Ben rescues her from several bad decisions, but at the same time, it’s her determination that leads her to the truth that must be told.

If you like historical romance with a bit of intrigue, put this one on your list!  I really enjoyed it, and for me it was a more emotional read than I expected.  Perhaps because I’ve also been dealing with the loss of my father, I could truly empathize with Amelia’s desperate need to keep the paper going and maintain her father’s good name.

While reading, I learned a bit about print making during the time period; I love it when historical fiction helps me learn something new.  Amelia used a Peerless Platen Press, similar to what I’ve depicted in my art.  To make this piece, I combined clip-art of an original etching from the time period with my character sketch. Clip-art source: Steampunk Sourcebook (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Carol Cox’s webite: http://authorcarolcox.com/

For more on the Peerless Platen Press :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O1MhXkgKPY

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