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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Making of "A Romp Through 1893"- My Comic Con Adventure

Do you remember a couple weeks ago I shared with you about the video adventure I did for Deeanne Gist?  As promised, here's a peak inside the creative process.

Fun Fact #1: The video adventure was originally intended to be filmed using live actors.

In preparation Deeanne had a special dress made for her daughter (whom Della was modeled after and who would have played her in the film).  She sent me reference pictures of her daughter in the dress to help me as I turned her into an animated character.  She looked so cute in it and the pictures where a huge asset.

Later, when we were discussing ways to start promoting the project, the wheels in my crazy brain started turning... the dress looked about my size... what if? 

I could hardly believe it when Deeanne actually endorsed my cockamamie plan.  I already had tickets to Comic Con San Diego which is a huge convention where people dress up, and everything from comics to films is promoted.  She lent the dress to me, and I sauntered down the street with a basket full of postcards to give to anyone who asked about my costume.  I know I didn't look as cute as Deeanne's daughter in it, but boy was it a fun thing to do!

Here's to crazy ideas!

It was so hot- maybe hitting 80 degrees (I can't exactly remember), that I couldn't wear the jacket.  The dress was historically accurate, even the fabrics were ones they would have used back in the 1890s.  The skirt was exceptionally heavy.  You can't see it in the pictures, but I was surprised to find a handle on the back of the skirt, I believe that was made to be able to pick it up when boarding a carriage or taking steps.  That's my best guess anyway.  It was very handy.

My favorite part of the whole ensemble was the hat.  To make it work I had to put my hair up and use a hat pin.  My good friend worked some magic with my hair, giving me the buffont look in the front, twisting it around and up in the back. 

I had way too much fun parading around in the costume for a day, but I was sure tired at the end of it.  It felt so good to throw on a pair of jeans again!  I love historical clothing, but nothing beats jeans and a t-shirt for comfort.

What do you think, perhaps going to Comic-Con is similar to what it would have been like to attend a World's Fair?  Lots of people, lots of booths, and endless curiosities!

Oh dear!  Perhaps there's even some curiosities Della would have preferred not to see...

...but I think riding in this souped up monster truck version of Cinderella's carriage made up for any startling moments.

Also while I was at the con, I set up some prints in the Art Show to tease people's interests.  The NFS tags stood for "Not for Sale." It was fun to see how people responded to the artwork and their positive responses greatly encouraged me.

I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to work on this project and help promote it a little.  It's the stories that are made out of love and sincerity that have meaning.  Deeanne poured her heart into this idea, and I'm so thankful I could help make it a reality!

If you haven't yet, check out the video adventure here:

 Next time I'll show you some of the production artwork!




  1. How very fun. There needs to be more dress up things for adults to attend! :)

    1. I know, right? I've always loved playing dress up!

  2. how awesome!! :) You look great, Monica!!