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I love reading novels, and as an artist I know a great exercise to stretch one's illustration skills is to portray characters from a description in a book. This blog is a challenge to myself to do just that so I'll be posting illustrations from whatever book I'm currently reading. Feel free to add comments and send me your fan art for these great titles too!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Joanna & Crockett from Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

Stealing the Preacher.  This book has a title that’s just too good to pass up!  Crockett was my favorite secondary character from “Short Straw Bride” so I was delighted to get to follow along with him in this one.  It’s not just his story though; it also belongs to Joanna Robbins, the sweet, sincere, yet spirited daughter of an x-outlaw!  Full of action and humor, it’s one of those stories that screams to be made into a movie.  If you’re bored and don’t know what to watch, forget it, just grab this book instead!


The story starts out with Crockett on his way to a preaching interview when he’s abducted right off the train.  Things get even more off track from there, but as time goes by we see that maybe it’s just God’s way of putting him on the right track.  Joanna was praying for a preacher for her abandoned country church, when Crockett comes into her life in an unconventional way.  While she can see how perfect a fit he is for her church, things don’t fall into place all that simply, and that’s where the fun of the book lies with all the little twists and turns!

The great mix of humor and heart makes this one of those books that you just don’t want to put down once you’ve started.  Of all the romance stories I’ve read, I think this is the only one where the “meet-cute” happens when the heroine is handed a rope attached to the guy!  A bit awkward, but you have to admit that is a pretty good birthday present for a single woman!  Trust me; you’re going to love this one.

Check out the fun trailer for the book.


I was given a review copy of this book by the publisher.


  1. What a wonderful sketch! You are so talented, Monica. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book so well, and I absolutely adore the drawing of Joanna and Crockett. So fun! Thank you for sharing your gifts in such a fun way.

    1. Thanks Karen! I love your stories and am thankful for your gift of writing them! :D